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How Does Solar Energy Work

How Does Solar Energy Work is what makes it so unique and energy saving.
We'll show you here how it all helps you, your family and creates Green Energy

Solar Energy for your home is created and harnessed for you in some pretty neat steps:

  • First of all, you need the sun to have access to your property.
  • Secondly, you'll need an array of Solar Panels to capture those sun rays.
  • Thirdly, an inverter will be needed to collect, invert and disperse the energy collected by the panels.
  • Finally, you'll need electronic circuit breakers placed on your home to allow all that new energy to feed and power your home.

How Does Solar Energy Work - Our Four Key Ingredients

Sunrise over field

1. Our SUN is the key to all solar energy. The beauty of it is the fact that it is all natural - no other fuels needed, no pipelines, trucking, etc. needed to get this external energy source to you.

It's the purest form of energy, other than a wind farm and certainly easiest to obtain

Solar Panels

2. Solar Panels have the ability to simply capture the sun's energy and create electric power. These "Modules" have silicon cells that contain electrons. As the electrons are heated by the sun, it allows the electrons to move negatively to positively. This movement produces a flow of current.

Conductors capture this and get it ready to move to the next step - the inverter.


3. The Inverter is where the Magic happens. The solar panels above produce "DC" current. Our electrical system in the US uses "AC" power. These magic boxes invert the DC Power to AC Power so it can be used.

This now "AC" Power can be feed into our homes to provide that clean energy we wanted.

Electric Panel Set up

4. Electric Circuit Breakers need to be placed on your home to control the actual electricity coming into your home. There also muct be a cutoff switch between your powering system and the Grid, so it can be removed from the Grid in an Emergency.

A line worker needs to know he can work to repair lines off your property without getting shocked.

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What's the Savings Advantage to Me?

By installing Solar Panels and Systems on your home, you have 2 great advantages - FREE Energy is being supplied to your home. Secondly, the energy is extremely efficient since it is right there on your home or grid panel in your yard. Virtually, no power line loss of energy over long transmission lines!

Am I still on the "Grid"?

The answer to that will depend on the system you select with our consultant. "Most" people like to stay on the grid and supplement their power with the regular electric company they have. This allows them to power their home when the sun is shinning and purchase power from the power company when it is dark. Course, if the Grid goes down at night time, you will also loose power since the sun isn't available to supplement your needs during the night.

Can I avoid that problem? Be totally energy independent? Yes. It will require additional equipment of Battery banks that will provide backup power. Now, when the grid happens to go down, you will still have power! Battery backup systems are becoming increasingly popular due to decreasing prices and advanced technology with batteries.

Am I now considered "Green"? Mostly. As more people switch to solar systems, the utility companies will have less need from bigger and more complex "dirty" utility factories. By adding a solar system to your home, you are absolutely helping our world becoming greener!