House Stucco with Solar Panels

Idabel OK Solar

Idabel OK Solar is one of our favorite Solar installation places in McCurtain County. It is a short trip from DeKalb, TX and has great opportunities for Solar.

Here's a great example of a what a home in Idabel could look like with our Solar Solution. It has a large array of Solar Panels on its roof with virtually no ground intrusion. We know how important land usage is for camping sites, ranches and farms. If the building is facing in a southern direction with a solid support structure, it would be to your advantage to have the panels creating your energy for you on the roof.

This allows you to continue to use your land as you intended to. No obstructions to cause problems.

Rooftop Install - Local

Of course, sometimes your house roof or garage roof just isn't facing the best direction for getting the most sun exposure on solar panels. We also provide a racking system right on the ground that can be very efficient. That type of system allows for a really great sunlight exposure on the panels. We try to take all considerations into our planning to be sure you have the best of all worlds - solar energy and great land usage at the same time.

Idabel OK Solar on the Ground

Here's a great example of a Solar Racking System on the Ground. 

Solar Ground Racking System

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