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Nash Tx Solar Systems

Nash Tx Solar Systems is your best opportunity for Solar Independence and Battery Energy Storage.

  • We have Licensed Texas Installers for your local Nash Solar System.
  • Receive Maximum Incentives - You'll receive 30% Tax Credit on your Federal Taxes (updated Aug, 2022 to 30%).
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Expert and Certified Installers

We have Expert & Certified Texas Solar Installers in Nash, TX

Nash TX Solar Installations contracted by De Kalb Solar Solutions are licensed and certified with over 20+ years of experience. We use NABCEP Certified PV Professional Installers.

We are committed to providing clean, sustainable energy for homeowners and businesses in our state of Texas!

Texas House with Energy Saving Solar Panels

Let's talk about Solar in Nash TX

As part of Bowie County Texas, residents in Nash are ideal candidates for optimal solar energy absorption. When you choose to have a grid-tied solar system installed, you’ll receive a credit for the excess energy you produce, effectively reducing or eliminating your utility bill.

How Solar Works

We offer 2 types of Solar Options

Grid Tied Solar Option in Nash

Grid Tie Only

Grid Tied with Battery Backup in Nash

Grid Tie with Battery

Grid Tied Solar Energy is when you are capturing all that Sun Energy on your Solar Panels and using it for yourself with the excess being sold back to your utility company. At night time, you purchase your energy from your utility as needed.

Grid Tied with Battery Backup is the ultimate solution. It is the same as Grid Tied, BUT, you store any excess energy into Batteries on-site to be used at night, etc. When Batteries are fully charged, you sell any excess energy to utility company.

Do I get any Tax Credits or Rebates?

Congress just extended (August 2022) and increased the Solar Tax Credits to 30%. This means you can deduct directly off your taxes, 30% of whatever your Solar System Costs!! This is effective through 2032. It will start to be reduced again after that. Meanwhile, that 30% rebate off your tax bill is a wonderful credit!

A tax credit works differently than a tax deduction. A credit means that your tax liability will be washed away on your taxes for the qualified amount. For example, if you pay $30,000 for a 9kW solar system in the current tax year, you’ll be credited $9,000 on your that year’s tax returns, bringing the cost of your unit down to $21,000 WHILE saving $9000 in taxes!

Invest Wisely - in your own Home!

Taking advantage of these huge Tax Savings will also increase your home value if you ever decide to sell it. Zillow, a very large Real Estate software provider completed a study in 2019 that shows the average price of a home with solar already installed improved that homes value by a little over 4%.

Aside from that, your monthly cost of electricity will be reduced dramatically (depending on the size and type of solar system). Many times, the monthly cost of financing your solar will be still less than the difference in what you paid for electricity - before you had solar installed. It's  a Win-Win situation for you as the home owner.

How Does Net Metering Work?

How much money can you save when you install solar in De Kalb? Typically your solar system will generate more power than you need. With a grid-tied solar system, whatever power isn’t used by you is sent back to the grid. You receive a “credit” from your utility company for providing them with power, essentially causing your meter – and your power bill – to run backwards. It's a process known as “net metering.” 

Net Metering How it Works

Solar Made Easy

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