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Solar Energy Installation Process

Solar Energy Installation Process is covered here. There are several steps involved and we make sure to explain that process here.

We are a Full Service Company - we arrange for the complete setup - feasibility, design, provide financing information and installation.

First and foremost, after contacting us about your possible interest in Solar Energy for your home, we schedule an on-site visit with you to review your energy needs.

  • Building(s) location and availability towards the sun.
  • Current energy bill for the past 12 months
  • Review if a building or yard-rack type system would be used.
  • Measurements of building(s) and area.
  • Current utility pole location.
  • Current existing circuit breaker box within home or building(s)
  • Discuss energy credits that can be obtained
  • Discuss financial needs to obtain a complete solar system.
  • Determine your energy needs for the future

Second Step would be submitting all the above information into our design and systems software. We can then successfully design a Solar Energy System for your particular home and needs.

Third Step would be discuss finances. Depending on your particular needs and systems recommended, we will help you find and secure financing for your system, if needed.

Fourth Step would be the arranging of Permits, Final Design and Installation of your system to suit your solar energy needs. We use only solar contractors that do this type of work and installations everyday. They are very experienced crews and can handle any construction problems quickly and efficiently. We want your system installed and you happy as quickly as you do!

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